Travel and Hospitality Marketing

It’s important to know which approaches, platforms, and tools should be in mind for travel and hospitality marketing efforts.

When it comes to travel and hospitality marketing, search has become the driving force of the digital world. Newer travel opportunities may get more buzz, but its search that continues to consistently deliver audiences, engagement, and bookings.

About 48% of all US travelers say they begin trip planning with a search engine and 57% of travelers ages ranging from 18–34 use a general search engine to look up prices for accommodation. Therefore it is important to have a powerful online presence amidst the competition.

How important? A survey of UK travelers found that 40% of individuals under the age of 33 prioritize “Instagrammability” when choosing their next vacation spot, and US consumers rank Instagram as among the most influential platforms for travel advertising along with Snapchat and YouTube.

At Web daytona, we understand the how to use these social media platforms to expand your reach and grow your business. As part of our research we keep up to date with the latest trends and strategies to ensure that you stand out among the sea of competitors.